Things to Avoid When Posting Bail

Posting bail is typically a fairly simple process. It’s what happens after posting bail that can get tricky. Let’s dive into the top 4 mistakes after posting bail. It’s ok to be nervous and anxious after an arrest! You have to trust your bond agent. Be honest with them from the beginning and ask as many questions as you need!

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Holiday Weekends and DUIs

When an officer has just cause to think a driver may be intoxicated, they will have to conduct a field sobriety test. This means that the driver will be asked to take a breathalyzer test, walk a straight line, recite the alphabet backwards, touch their nose, or other tests. If the driver fails these tests or if the officer is still convinced that they are under the influence, they will be arrested.

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Colorado Inmates Able To Be Bailed Out

Yes, you can still bail out inmates held in Colorado jails. Bondsman, including A-Class Bail Bonds, have virtual ways to complete the transaction and get your loved ones out of jail. Many people are just sitting in the jail system simply waiting for someone to bail them out in Colorado.

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