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At A Class Bail Bonds, we offer an online bail bonds solution that allows you to complete the application, signing, and payment process from the comfort of your home.

Centennial Jail

If you are detained in Centennial, Colorado, you will be taken to Arapahoe County Detention Center for the duration of your stay, and all court proceedings are under Arapahoe County.

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The Arapahoe County Detention Center states that an inmate must be released within 6 hours of posting a bond unless an interfering condition applies.

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About The City

Centennial emerged as a city on February 7, 2001, carved out from certain unincorporated parts of Arapahoe County, including areas previously known as Castlewood and Southglenn CDPs. Its creation followed a vote by local residents on September 12, 2000, where the name ‘Centennial’ was selected, signifying Colorado’s entry into the Union in 1876, a century after the United States Declaration of Independence. Colorado is also known as the “Centennial State.”

The move to become a city was overwhelmingly supported by 77% of voters, and with a population exceeding 100,000, it stood as the largest new city formation in American history at that time. A key reason for incorporating Centennial was to avert further expansion by Greenwood Village, which sought to annex unincorporated areas to boost its tax revenues. Most of Arapahoe County’s services, like road maintenance, were funded by taxes from businesses in these unincorporated areas. Legal battles eventually affirmed that the right to form a new city overrode the rights to annexation.

The formation of Centennial came with a pledge to keep city taxes at 1%, in contrast to the 3.8% sales tax of the unincorporated county. However, the city’s website later showed the sales tax rate at 2.5%, more than double the original promise.

Despite being a relatively new city, many in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area are not familiar with the name ‘Centennial’. Addresses in the area are often labeled as ‘Aurora’, ‘Englewood’, or ‘Littleton’ by the United States Postal Service, even though they fall within Centennial’s limits. This has led to some confusion, particularly since Centennial doesn’t share a border with Englewood, and parts of Centennial and Aurora are intermingled.

In 2008, the residents of Centennial voted by a significant margin to establish the city as a home rule municipality.