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Things to Avoid When Posting Bail

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Posting bail is typically a fairly simple process. It’s what happens after posting bail that can get tricky. Let’s dive into the top 4 mistakes after posting bail.

  1. Failure to attend future court appearances. Neglecting to appear in court not only impacts you, but it also affects the loved one who co-signed your paperwork. Here is what could happen:
    • Your bond will be forfeited. This means IF you arrested again, you may not be able to post bail again.
    • Your loved one risks losing their collateral and being responsible for the entire bail amount.
  2. Providing false information to your bail agency.
  3. Getting arrested for another offense.
  4. Not reading and understanding your bail conditions.

It’s ok to be nervous and anxious after an arrest! You have to trust your bond agent. Be honest with them from the beginning and ask as many questions as you need!

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