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At A Class Bail Bonds, we offer an online bail bonds solution that allows you to complete the application, signing, and payment process from the comfort of your home.

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The Fremont County Detention Center states that an inmate must be released within 6 hours of posting a bond unless an interfering condition applies.

Surrounding Cities

The Fremont County Dentition Center includes Florence, Canon City, Hillside, Portland, Rockvale, Swissvale, Wellsville, Williamsburg, Howard, Brookside, and more.

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About The City

Fremont County is one of Colorado’s original counties, established shortly after the city in 1861. Named after the famous explorer and presidential candidate John C. Fremont, the area was initially mapped by his scout, Kit Carson. The region’s early claims were complex, with the Spanish first laying claim, followed by the US acquisition north of the Arkansas River through the Louisiana Purchase. The land south of the river saw claims by Mexico post-independence, then by the Republic of Texas, and eventually by the US after the Mexican-American War in 1845. Long before these claims, the Ute, Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Blackfoot, and Comanche tribes frequented the area.

The Colorado Department of Corrections’ administrative offices are located in Colorado Springs, while the Colorado State Penitentiary is in Canon City. Fremont County hosts 14 other correctional facilities, including the ADX Supermax at Florence, the only federal Supermax prison. This heavy presence of correctional facilities makes Fremont County unique, with 20% of its residents being incarcerated, the highest proportion in the US.