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Holiday Weekends and DUIs

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Independence day is tomorrow and we wanted to write a bit about bail bonds for DUI arrests. Holiday weekends tend to bring on more parties and BBQs, which also translates to more drinking. While many 4th of July parties are harmless, there is a chance some partygoers may consume enough alcohol to put them over the legal limit and they get behind the wheel.

When someone is pulled over because it seems like they may be intoxicated, here are some things that will happen:

  • Field Sobriety Testing
    When an officer has just cause to think a driver may be intoxicated, they will have to conduct a field sobriety test. This means that the driver will be asked to take a breathalyzer test, walk a straight line, recite the alphabet backwards, touch their nose, or other tests. If the driver fails these tests or if the officer is still convinced that they are under the influence, they will be arrested.
  • Booking
    When the defendant (driver) arrives at the police station, they will be processed into the system, this could take several hours.
  • DUI Bail Set
    If it happens to be a first-time offense the bail is typically significantly lower than repeat offenders. There are some instances where the defendant may not be eligible to bail. Some examples include, flight risk or the defendant caused a serious accident.

So before you and your loved ones start celebrating, don’t forget to put A Class Bail Bonds’ contact information in your phone! We are available 24-7 to provide bond services in the Denver Metro area and the surrounding counties.