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Douglas County Court Information

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At A Class Bail Bonds, we offer an online bail bonds solution that allows you to complete the application, signing, and payment process from the comfort of your home.

Douglas County Bail Bonds Process

The Robert A. Christensen Justice Center states that an inmate must be released within 6 hours of posting a bond unless an interfering condition applies.

Arapahoe's Appointment Rules

The Robert A. Christensen Justice Center requires an appointment to be made by a bail agent before posting bond. The release-time starts after bond is posted.

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About The City

Douglas County holds a significant place in Colorado’s history, being one of the original seventeen counties established with the formation of Colorado Territory on November 1, 1861. The county’s initial boundaries extended east to Kansas until 1874, when a substantial portion of its eastern land was designated as Elbert County. Following this territorial adjustment, the county seat was moved from Franktown to Castle Rock.

Often celebrated as the “birthplace of Colorado,” Douglas County’s historical prominence is partly due to the discovery of gold in Russellville, a settlement southeast of present-day Franktown.

This discovery was instrumental in igniting the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, marking Russellville as a pivotal boomtown during this era. It also became a critical source of lumber, positioned within the Black Forest region. Today, Douglas County is recognized as the seventh most populous county in the state and boasts the highest median income across all Colorado counties, reflecting its continued growth and prosperity.

About The Jail

The Sheriff’s Department of Douglas County, headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, operates with a broad range of responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of its residents. Central to its duties is the management of the Detention Facility, which accommodates inmates both serving sentences and awaiting the resolution of their criminal cases. The department is diligent in fulfilling several court-related tasks, including the secure transportation of inmates for court appearances within and beyond the county boundaries, as well as managing out-of-county warrants.

Leadership within the department is determined through democratic elections, with the position of Douglas County Sheriff being voted on every four years, in line with term limits.

Beyond the operation of the Detention Facility, the Sheriff’s Department is tasked with comprehensive law enforcement duties. These include criminal investigations within the unincorporated areas of the county, process serving, ensuring court security, and patrolling. An additional critical function of the department is its participation in task forces, which facilitates collaboration across various jurisdictions and political borders, enhancing the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

For those with loved ones in custody, the department advises immediate contact with a Douglas County bondsman for assistance with expedited bailouts.