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At A Class Bail Bonds, we offer an online bail bonds solution that allows you to complete the application, signing, and payment process from the comfort of your home.

Adams County Bail Bonds Process

The Adams County Detention Facility states that an inmate must be released within 6 hours of posting a bond unless an interfering condition applies.

Adams County Appointment Rules

The Adams County Detention Facility requires an appointment to be made by a bail agent before posting bond. The release-time starts after bond is posted.

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About The City

Adams County emerged in 1902 following the subdivision of the vast original Arapahoe County into smaller counties, marking a significant moment in Colorado’s administrative history. Brighton was designated as the county seat in 1904, solidifying the foundation of what is known today as Adams County. The inaugural meeting of the County Commissioners took place in December 1902, during which Martin R. Bromley was appointed as the first Sheriff, a name that still resonates within the community as evidenced by Bromley Lane—home to the current courthouse and named in honor of Sheriff Bromley.

Adams County has grown to become the fifth most populous county in Colorado, integrating seamlessly into the Denver Metropolitan area. It boasts a diverse landscape that encompasses the suburban extensions of Denver, including Brighton, Thornton, Arvada, and Northglenn. The county is characterized by a blend of residential neighborhoods and flourishing agricultural lands, embodying a versatile mix of urban and rural elements. Furthermore, Adams County played a pivotal role in the development of the Denver International Airport (DIA), as the land on which DIA is situated was originally part of Adams County before being transferred to Denver to facilitate the airport’s establishment.

Today, Adams County stands as a vibrant and dynamic community, offering a comprehensive mix of living, farming, and business opportunities within the Denver Metropolitan vicinity.

About The Jail

In Brighton, Colorado, the Adams County Detention Facility operates as a central part of the county’s approach to handling individuals who are either serving sentences or awaiting trial. Managed by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, this facility is where the balance of security and legal process plays out daily, offering a structured environment for those within its walls. 

The Adams County Sheriff’s Department is tasked with a variety of functions beyond the detention center. These include patrolling the county, conducting investigations in less populated areas, managing the service of legal processes, and ensuring the security of local courts. Each of these roles contributes to the department’s overall mission without necessarily invoking heroism but rather focusing on the day-to-day responsibilities required for community safety and legal integrity.

Leadership at the detention center comes from the top, with the Adams County Sheriff elected every four years. This position, bound by term limits, is integral to the administrative and operational oversight of the facility and the wider departmental duties.